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You name it, we fix it! Visit our store in Arundel Mills Mall Hanover, MD. or call (410) 517-7110.

Battery Replacement

Charging/Data Port

Cracked Screen Repair

iPhone Repair

LCD Screen Problems

Motherboard or Logicboard

Sim Card Tray

Trackball Repair


Vibrate Motor

Vibrate Switch

Water Damage



From an article about the seriousness of Water Damage in Phones:
“The number one rule in cell phone service is simple: If a phone has water damage, the warranty is up.  It does not matter if the issue with the phone is not related to the water damage.  Cell phone manufacturers and services will immediately say they cannot determine if water damage caused the problem or not, therefore the warranty is void.  Water damage is no laughing matter and some cell phone users do not even realize when they put their phone in water's way.”